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Fourth of July
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The Pain Still Consumes my Heart


I am so thankful for my son Dustin for 25 years on earth and now forever in Heaven. He was special from the day he was born more like amazing. I am thankful that Tiffany had such an amazing brother and best friend that she dearly loves and misses so much. As he grew up more and more you could see how his heart just blossomed and the love he had for everyone was so special. As he got older he taught me more than I think I taught him. He was a very logical thinker and shared his knowledge and his heart with so many. He use to call me and sing these goofy songs the words he would make up as he went so funny and so meaningful to me. and I miss them a lot on the holidays. He was just so amazing hard to even begin to put into words. He loved life and lived everyday to the fullest. I know God has one special angel and I know he is still sharing his love of life and his big heart with all of us here on earth... I miss you Dustin and love you more each and every day and so very proud of you and that you are my son. Love, Mother (Patti Rawls


D-Dynamic Personality

U- Unique in everyway

S-Smile to brighten the sky

T- Tender and  True to all

I – Inspiration to us all

N- Natural one of a kind



I know I had this on another website but was just thinking of what a wonderful person, son, brother and friend he was and how a Drunk Driver and one bad choice took him away. Many say get over it could just as well be Dustin Driving which is true. GET OVER is something I will never ever be able to do, it hurts more each and every day.  I have a daughter with no brother and nephews with no uncle friends that loved Dustin so much that no longer have him here and family that miss him so. His Best Friends and Sister’s Birthday are coming up this month and I guess why today this comes back to me so strongly.

You here this n the news every day and one person can destroy so many people those are the people that you should ask will you EVER GET IT? They live a few years in jail and the memory of this person they killed. Do you think they get out and will not do again? You would hope so but how many do you see that right back in for the same thing? But the feeling a mom has is much more and a lifetime sentence.   AND EVERY TIME I HEAR THIS on the news I THINK OF Dustin and why did he get in that car especially with no seat belt?

I have moms in my groups that have lost their son or daughter due to alcohol and  many more moms it happens to each year. Yes we are mad, angry, sad, hurt and we try to forgive but go back to mad over and over again. The pain is something that affects families in many ways and usually the mother that can not get past it like the others. It may soften over time but that hole in my heart will never be filled agan.


The Two Twinkles in my Eyes

Missing You


No words I write can ever say

How much I miss you every day.

As time goes by, the loneliness grows;

How I miss you, nobody knows!


I think of you in silence,

I often speak your name,

But all I have are memories

And photos in a frame.


No one knows my sorrow,

No one sees me weep,

But the love I have for you

Is in my heart to keep.


I've never stopped loving you--

I know I never will;

Deep inside my heart,

You are with me still.


Heartaches in this world are many

But mine is worse than any.

My heart still aches as I whisper low,

"I love you and I miss you so."


The things we feel so deeply

Are often the hardest to say,

But I just can't keep quiet any more,

So I'll tell you anyway.


There is a place in my heart

That no one else can fill;

I love you so, my precious son,

And I always will.


~Author unknown~


Keep on smiling and surely
the sun will shine through.
My mind is at ease, my soul is at rest,
remembering all how I was truly blessed.