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Forever I Will See Your Smile

Where Flowers Bloom There is Hope
Fourth of July
Fourth of July
4th of July Gifts
Where Flowers Bloom There is Hope


Where Flowers Bloom so does Hope


G od's flowers are blooming everywhere today

Their beautiful colors chase all cares away

He knows we need flowers to help us cope

And where flowers bloom so does hope. 


H e knows our lives are full of challenges

Always changing from day to day

His beautiful flowers are a message

To trust and let Him lead the way. 


Enjoy a walk among God's creation of flowers

Feel His warm gentle touch you as stroll

All this beauty speaks of His love and care

Be still and let His message fill your soul. 


Give thanks to God for His grace and love

For His many blessings from above

And giving us the strength to cope

Believing where flowers bloom so does hope.


Glenna M. Baughİ April 2009

Living By Faith


Keep on smiling and surely
the sun will shine through.
My mind is at ease, my soul is at rest,
remembering all how I was truly blessed.